Internationally recognized recording artist Drew Ryniewicz (DREW), 19, was a Top 6 finalist and fan favorite in the 2011 debut Season of The X-Factor. She was a part of the girls group under judge Simon Cowell. Drew, who was 14 at the time, took the world stage in 2011 with her stunning Seattle audition for the first season of The X-Factor. She progressed to The X-Factor’s Top 6 before being eliminated by the judges, even though she overwhelmingly won the country’s vote to continue to the finals.

Soon after The X-Factor, Drew released her five-track debut EP “Hello It’s Me.” The EP was recorded live in Los Angeles and featured two original songs, a cover of Justin Beiber’s “Baby” and two Christmas songs. The EP quickly rose to the iTunes charts in one day, reaching #8 on the Pop Albums chart, without a label, backing or promotion.

In the summer of 2015, Drew signed to management with The Stanford Entertainment Group and, together with her team, pushed herself harder than she ever had. She was invited to speak at TEDx, where she shared her visions of being “ridiculously regularly” and unafraid to pursue one’s wildest dreams.

She completed her much anticipated second EP - 180, released January 2016, followed by a seven city Top40 radio campaign. The EP is a brilliant collection of EDM, pop and ballads. Several of her songs have been and continue to be played on radio nationally.

Since the release, she has been touring extensively and working on her debut album, co-writing and recording with known names such as John Carter and Anna Cash (son and daughter-in-law of Johnny Cash), Brian Craddock and Josh Paul from Daughtry, and many others.

Drew recently finished the feature track “Fire & Ice” for the upcoming animated film The Snow Queen 3, set for global distribution in over 100 countries. She has also been working with DJs and has two EDM tracks set for release in Israel and the US in coming months.

Drew is also a powerful face of the Allstar Nation Tour (ANT), the nation’s premier concert-based anti-bullying program. She has performed at nearly 100 concerts with ANT, singing and speaking to nearly 120,000 students, thousands of whom are now active fans.

Her music and appeal has grown tremendously, as evident by her enormous global fanbase and extensive list of radio and industry people who continue to promote her. Join the hundreds of thousands around the world who are right along side this superstar as she keeps rising to the top!



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