What Does the Tour Cost?

As a registered 501c(3) non-profit, our organization works extensively to raise funds from corporations, foundations and private donations. We understand that many public school districts have limited funds. Please contact us for pricing or other questions. We will work to accommodate your school. When possible, we provide the assembly free-of-charge to schools with limited funding. 

Where Is the Assembly Performed?


We most often perform in auditoriums and gymnasiums. On occasion, schools have us perform in their cafeterias. Our preference is overwhelmingly auditoriums, as they provide the best atmosphere for our concert platform. If the student body is too large for the auditorium, we happily perform in gymnasiums.

Is Your Assembly Appropriate for All Grades?


We recommend 6th grade through high school. Due to the nature of our message and the powerful speeches from the artists, our tour structure is best catered to older students. We only perform elemetary on certain occasions and most often turn down requests for them.




How long is the assembly?


Each assembly is roughly 75 minutes and can be condensed to 60 if requested, though not recommended. We tour with 4-5 artists, all of whom perform 2 songs and give speeches. We find that 60 minute assemblies often rush the program and render it less effective. We also like to give the students an opportunity to meet the artists after the show, which the 75 minute assembly allows time to do.


How Many Students are Required for Your Assembly?


We request that all grades be present for the assembly and seldom agree to performances with less than 300 students. Most of our performances are in front of 700-3,000 students.


Below is a list of commonly asked questions. If you are unable to locate the answer you need, please fill out the question submission box at the bottom.


Can you do more than one assembly per day? If so, what time?



Yes, and we often do. Many schools have too large a student body for one show, so we offer to perform twice or sometimes three times in a day. We most often book morning shows at 9am and afternoon shows at 1pm. We also are able to book two seperate schools in a day, assuming we are able to schedule the afternoon and morning slots with enough time in between to load out and back in.