Kyle Cousins

As a 25 year old singer/songwriter/musician Kyle Cousins’ ultimate goal is to be the vehicle which brings the music industry back to a time when genuine musical talent was an essential requirement for “making it.” Inspired by Freddie Mercury and Steve Perry, his songs range from classic rock, to ballads, to pop/ rock.

Kyle has served as an inspiration to many young people with autism since he has had to deal with this obstacle himself. Song writing became a tool for him to express his innermost thoughts and feelings, which was so difficult for him to do in normal conversations.


In 2009 he released his first full-length album titled “Spectrum” and then in 2010 he released another EP titled “Next Level.” His anthem, “Everybody Wants to Be Heard” was licensed to Autism Speaks as their theme song and has been used throughout the years in their nationwide successful “Walk Now for Autism” campaign.


Over the years, Kyle has performed at high profile events in New York City and Los Angeles in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Empire Ballroom, alongside honored guests Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio, Jack Black and Steven Stills.

Recently Kyle has signed with Damon Eliott Music Group. Damon Elliott (Pink, Destiny Child, Christina Aguilera, Green Day) and Kyle  are currently working on his sophomore album titled Soft Shell. DEMG is looking to release his single titled “HOME” (recently mixed by Dave “hard drive” Pensado) in 2015.


Kyle started his own foundation “The Kyle Cousins Autism Foundation” to raise awareness about Autism and Anti-Bullying. Kyle hopes to empower other children who have been bullied or feel less than whole with his music. In Kyle’s own words “care if you dare”.

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