Lauren Carnahan

There’s nothing “small-town” about Lauren Carnahan – or her story, which certainly started off with a bang…After being adopted at birth and attempting to run away at the ripe old age of 3, Lauren survived heart surgery the following year. Her parents knew they had a “firecracker” on their hands. Clearly, this was no ordinary girl!


And the extraordinary just kept coming… When she was just 4 years old, Lauren received a standing ovation at her hometown church following her very first solo performance. This little dynamo belted out “Tomorrow” from the musical Annie, a story that she obviously connected to on many levels, and the audience loved her! As her interest in music sparked, Lauren began writing her own songs and eventually took to mowing lawns just so she could earn enough money to buy a ukulele. A young woman on a musical mission, Lauren is still following her passion today. She continues to create music and has also recently added the piano and guitar to her repertoire.


Out of nowhere…Lauren’s debut EP “Out Of Nowhere” is exactly that – an astonishing freshman record offering unexpected levels of energy and relatability. The EP is heartfelt, fun and honest, taking listeners on an eclectic journey with a song about an innocent “best friend” proposal to a seriously profound love story – and everywhere in between. Lauren’s writing style has been compared to that of Taylor Swift and Colbie Caillat with a twist. Her variety of sound on this record is a unique blend of the story-telling attributes of a timeless country classic combined ever-so-carefully with the broad appeal of a pop hit you hear on radio today. Her pieces linger in your head for days.


One of a kind…Lauren is the girl who tends to stand out in the crowd. She makes an impression – not only with her signature white guitar – but with her strong love for music, the stage, and life in general.  A self-professed “hopeless romantic”, Lauren enjoys the simple things in life. In her spare time you might find her daydreaming while savoring a cup of her favorite coffee, but she is equally passionate about sharing with others. Whether it’s traveling to Uganda to give back to orphans or helping mentor children in music at her local theatre, Lauren stays true to what’s important in life.


On the rise…After honing her talents, being awarded various competition titles over the last two years, and selling out two EP release shows, Lauren is now gaining public recognition as an up-and-coming artist.  Whether it is with a raw laugh or dramatic lyric, she can’t help but move you with her joyful presence, leaving you wanting more with each performance. Her inner excitement is fueled by a passion for music and a pure bliss that seems to be unstoppable!