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Drew Ryniewicz (X-Factor Top 6 Finalist)

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Armed with an arsenal of musical talent, IM5 is making waves as the world’s next dominant boy band. The multi-cultured quintet comprised of band members Cole Pendery, Dana Vaughns , Gabe Morales, Will Jay and their newest member David Scarzone boast their unique styles that fuse together hook- driven pop melodies, authentic vocal harmonies, and full blown dance routines. Unlike some of their other boy band predecessors and peers, the band also writes its own music and incorporates real instrumentation into their live sets with Will playing guitar and piano and Gabe on the cajon...


My Only Escape is the stage name of Branden Mendoza, who is a quickly rising pop star from New Caney, Texas with an impressive following. Since releasing his first single “Falling For You,” which received enormous feedback and radio play, Branden has been seen on NBC’s The Voice and in cities around the country as a featured performer on national tours. He has performed alongside major artists and is scheduled to join more on tour in the upcoming months. His new single, “Sunrise,” which he has performed live for some lucky audiences, all of whom were blown away, is due for release this summer. Branden has spent the past several months on a national anti-bullying tour, where he has delivered his message of perseverance and resistance to bullies. Many fans have credited him with saving their lives through inspiration and incredible music. His songs are powerful, anthemic and destined for stadiums worldwide. He is an artist you want to follow!


Tristan Blaine is a 15 year-old pop visionary from Frisco, Texas who has taken the national music scene by storm, and he’s just getting started. A recognizable face around the country, Tristan has spent the past year as a headliner on a national anti-bullying tour, delivering his message to and performing for hundreds of thousands of students. A triple talent who can sing, dance and play guitar, Tristan’s fan base has exploded into the 75,000+ range and is growing rapidly. A featured artist at Teen Hoot and OMG Music Fest, Tristan is a rising star to follow!

The House On Cliff

The band first came together in 2009 through the local non-profit teen band program “Plugged In,” (www.pluggedinband.org) which places teens together for 10 weeks to make music and use their music to help others. After quickly winning their first battle of the bands competition, the group’s awards and accomplishments have only multiplied. Among them: Winning “BEST LIVE ACT OF THE YEAR” award at the Limelight Magazine Music Awards...

Jessie Chris

Nashville recording artist Jessie Chris is getting some major buzz! She has opened for country stars Chris Young and Ayla Brown as well as American Idol’s Erica Van Pelt and the X-Factor’s Jillian Jensen. Jessie’s original song “Chameleon” deals with the pressure teens face to fit in. Her message is to stand out and be yourself instead of blending in with the crowd. Her self-titled EP will be available on iTunes and will be sold on the tour. Her favorite performers include, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Faith Hill, and Sheryl Crow...

Danielle Prou

Danielle Prou was born in New South Wales, Australia, to an American father and a Cambodian refugee mother who had survived the killing fields but she now calls Los Angeles home. She had tackled both piano and guitar before the age of ten, and added ukulele at 13. Most of all, Danielle loves to sing. This artist’s precocious talent has already garnered the attention of a few music business heavyweights, including Andrew Lane (High School Musical) Douglas James (Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon), and multi-Grammy nominated Producer/Composer Brody Brown (Bruno Mars, Celo Green, B.o.B.), who is producing her new 5-song EP that will be released in 2014...

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