It's official!

We are enormously excited to announce our official expansion to the United Kingdom in 2018. This has been a dream and vision of ours for quite sometime.


Together, with our U.K. Director and team, we have worked tirelessly to make this happen. As our mission and reach continues to grow in the United States, we have answered the call to reach students around the world. 

This chapter brings new and exciting developments to our program. As part of the expansion, The Allstar Nation Tour is releasing it's official magazine  called "Think About It," which will be distributed to over 30,000 students monthly. We are also excited to announce the development of our app, which will be available on IOS and Android devices!





The number of U.K. students currenly absent from school due to bullying situations


The number of documented counceling sessions with U.K. students because of bullying in 2016


The percentage of U.K. students who encounter severe bullying before age eighteen


The percentage of bullied U.K. students who develop severe depression or suicidal thoughts