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Hello! My name is Will Jay and I’m an 19 year old singer/songwriter from Studio City, California. I’m of Chinese and German descent and my parents met in China during the Tiananmen Square demonstrations. My family includes two generations of piano teachers. Because of this it’s not surprising that I’ve been playing the piano since I was 4 and I am classically trained. From an early age I found a love for performing. I started in musical theatre and transitioned into acting,

landing a guest role in TNT’s “The Closer” and commercials for Target and Nintendo. I’ve done my share of background singing with acts like Linkin Park and Josh Groban.


I was also a member of a boy band named IM5. In that time we performed more than 200 shows around the United States and Canada. We even performed at the Kids’ Choice Awards in Mexico. I arranged our YouTube covers, our mashups and was the sole writer for our most

popular iTunes release, “Heartless.” I left the band in December 2014 to pursue a solo career. I’ve been fortunate enough to carry the support I had in the band with me to my solo endeavor. I describe my music as a family tree. Going back two generations, I would consider my

grandparents to be The Beatles, as they are my main inspiration for songwriting. My mom is Adele and my father is Elton John.


I have many influences but if there’s one artist I want to sound like, it’s Elton. Jason Mraz is my uncle; my music definitely has a touch of his singer/songwriter sensibilities. I have two brothers: Bruno Mars and Sam Smith. I look to Bruno for his throwback vibe and catchy melodies, whereas I admire Sam for the honesty in his lyrics and the authenticity of his music. I have been proactively recording and writing for the last year and released my first single to radio, “Gentleman,” in April 2016. Produced by Mikal Blue, the release of “Gentleman” was followed by the release of my five song EP in May 2016. More recently in late July 2016 I recorded a duet with the amazing Sonika Vaid entitled, “Smoke From Distant Fires” and in November I released my holiday song, “Christmas Come Early.”